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Canine Behaviour & Training

About Pawsitive Dog Training

Pawsitive Dog Training was founded by Louise Jones. Louise has owned dogs all of her life and has studied Canine Behaviour & Training to FDSc Level in Bishop Burton College, UK.


Louise also continues to educate herself further by studying additional courses, regularly attending seminars and workshops. This is so she can also keep up to date with the most current scientific training methods available


She is currently owned by Monty-a Boxer cross, Alpha-a Siberian Husky and Dyson-a Northern Inuit.


At Pawsitive Dog Training we only use kind but effective methods of training and uses scientifically proven, current methods.


We do not believe in bullying the dog, Alpha rolls or the use of equipment such as prong collars or choke chains.


Ethical treatment of your dog is first and foremost here at Pawsitive Dog Training and we would not recommend any training methods that we would not use on our own dogs.


Dog training should be a time for the owner to bond with the dog and we offer this to all of our clients.


We offer an initial consultation where we discuss your dog's problems and establish a behaviour modification plan that is specifically tailored for you and your dog.


Pawsitive Dog Training has full Public Liability Insurance & Professional Indemnity Insurance, so you can rest assured that both you and your dog will be safe.


Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Ireland-# APDTI 028













Member of the Pet Professional Guild











Member of Doggone Safe-# 12795918













Member of the Northern Inuit Society- # 814









Member of the Irish Federation of Sleddog Sports










Secretary of Canicross Ireland














Sarah Whitehead-Canine Body Language & Dog to Human Aggression


Sarah Kalnajs-Leash Reactivity in Dogs-From Cause to Cure


Dogs Trust-Calming the Conflict


Nicole WIlde-Working With Fearful Dogs, Separation Anxiety & Dog-Dog Play


Peter Neville-Dogs Don't Do Dominance...So How Do Our Dogs Really See Us?  


Karen Wild-What Does Your Dog Want?


Catherine O'Driscoll-Foundation in Canine Healthcare


Nando Brown-Trick Training Workshop (achieved Trick Dog Title "Uber Dude" with Monty)


Nando Brown-Fun Scent Games


Raymond Coppinger - What Makes Your Dog Tick


Scott Baggett-Learn About Animal Assisted Interactions


Dianna Stearns-Training for Treibball


Helen Nicholls-BOOM! Puppies and Noise


Dr. Jean Dodds-Pet Vaccine Issues


Sarah Whitehead-Signals of Pre-Emptive Aggression


Diane Garrod-The Canine Emotional Detox, The Missing Link


Kellie Ceccarelli & Professor Stuart Carmichael-Helping Your Dog Live A Long, Healthy Life Plus How to Comfort Old Achy Bones


Tabitha Davies-How to Work With Dogs & the Shelters or Rescues They Live In


Dr. Jean Dodds-Nutrigenomics for Dogs: Creating Health & Vitality Through Food


Dr. Valerie Jonckheer-Sheehy-What Every Dog Owner Needs to Know About the Painful but Sometimes Silent Condition of Separation Anxiety!


Dr. Valerie Jonckheer-Sheehy-What Every Dog Owner Needs to Know About Fireworks & Their Dog


Dr. Valerie Jonckheer-Sheehy-Scaredy Cat! How to Deal with the Nervous Dog


Dr. Valerie Jonckheer-Sheehy-Preventing Behaviour Problems in Dogs


Emma Buckland-Acupuncture in Pets. What is it & How Does it Work?


Dr. Aylin Atilla-Swollen Bellies in Dogs, What is GDV?


Dr. Christopher Byers-Lumps & Bumps in Dogs & Cats


Dr. Christopher Byers-Chronic Coughing in Dogs


Dr. Pip Boydell-Common Problems With Dogs Eyes


Dr. Christopher Byers-Why Does the Immune System go Wrong?


Jean Donaldson-The Pitfalls of Negative Reinforcement


Joan Orr-Teach Kids to be Safe Around Dogs


Jennifer Shryock-Holiday Dog & Child Safety Tips


Jennifer Shryock-Inclusion for Success


Tracy Genever-Dog Safety in the Family


Daniela Cardillo-Loose Leash Walking


Alex German-Obesity in Pets, What the Owner Needs to Know


Jill Moss-Pets & Antibiotics


Barry Eaton-Dominance in Dogs: Fact or Fiction?


Dr. Ian Ramsey-Managing Diabetes in Dogs


Blue Cross-The Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Service, help when losing a pet


Diane Garrod-The Most Challenging Behaviour Cases


Helen Zulch-How to Help Your Puppy Learn the Right Things


Dr. Anthony Chadwick-Vaccines in Dogs


Dr. Anthony Chadwick-Fleas in Cats & Dogs


Dr. Anthony Chadwick-Infectious Diseases in Dogs & Their Prevention


Chris Parratt-Emergency First Aid for Pets

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Dyson        Alpha   Monty    

8 year old Monty & 12 year old Cookie showing that you can indeed teach old dogs new tricks!!!



Certified Canine First Responder with MJ First Aid Training


Certificate in Pedagogy from Ethology Institute Cambridge


Certificate in Evolution from Ethology Institute Cambridge


Certificate in EFR for Animals from Ethology Institute Cambridge


Certificate in Dogs & Children from Ethology Institute Cambridge


Certificate in Anatomy & Physiology from Ethology Institute Cambridge


Certificate in Animal Welfare from Ethology Institute Cambridge


Certificate in Animal Psychology from Oplex Careers


Certificate in Dog Grooming from Oplex Careers


Certificate in Animal Behaviour & Welfare from University of Edinburgh


Certificate in Companion Animal Zoonoses from Vetmed


Certificate in Understanding What Makes Dogs Tick from Academy of Dog Training & Behaviour


Setting Up A Successful Training Class from Academy of Dog Training & Behaviour


Master Herbalist (Phytotherapy) Diploma from Online Academies


Animal Behaviour Diploma from Online Academies




~ Marty Goldstein DVM-Understanding Cancer in Our Pets

~ Steve Brown-Better Fats, Better Dogs

~ Dee Blanco DVM-Homeopathic Nosodes

~ Kelly Holland Azzaro RA CCAP CBFP LMT-Aromatherapy for Fear

~ Jodie Gruenstern DVM CVA-Integrative Management of Kidney Disease

~ Barbara Royal DVM-Have You Tried Food?

~ Karen Becker DVM-Managing the Aging Dog

~ Chris Bessent-Supplements for Joint Disease

~ Richard Pitcarn-Miasm

~ Randy Kidd-Backyard Medicinal Weeds  

~ Julie Ann Lee-Parvo, Natural Options

~Richard S Patton-Matching Diet to Genetic Makeup  

~ Maria Ringo-Introduction to Cell Salts