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By Admin, Mar 12 2016 09:10PM

Liver cake is an extremely high value reward. I have yet to meet a dog who doesn't like it! I've been mobbed in the past by dogs in the park when I had a pocket full of liver cake!

It's really easy to make & it can be tweaked to allow you to add any herbs or additives that your dog may need.

I always add garlic to my liver cake, but it's entirely up to you whether or not you choose to add it. The pictures below show me adding garlic, diatomaceous earth and turmeric paste to the mixture for a change of taste (my next post will show you how to make turmeric paste)

The recipe calls for a slpash of milk and you can use goat's milk if you prefer. The same goes for the flour you use. I tend to use glutem-free flour, but some people use cornflour or rice flour. From what I've heard, the type of flour you use can affect the way the cake turns out.

As liver can be dangerous in high quantities, I recommend only using liver cake as a high value treat and in small quantities.

It's easily frozen and it can even be given frozen as a treat.

It is recommended that liver cake is only given to dogs over 6 months of age

TIP: If you have large pieces of liver, chop it up first. Believe me, your blender will thank you for it!!! Large pieces of liver have a tendency to become stringy & wrap around the blender! The first time I tried to make liver cake, I made this mistake & shorted the motor on the blender!


~ 1kg liver

~ 400g flour

~ 4 eggs

~ Small dash of milk


1. Blend 2 of the eggs with a small dash of milk in a mixing bowl

2. Add half of the liver to the egg mixture

3. Blend (it should look like a smoothie at this stage)

4. Add half of the flour

5. Mix until it forms a sticky goo

6. Set aside

7. Repeat the above steps with the remaining ingredients, then add this to the other mix

8. Add any herbs, garlic etc. at this stage & give it a good mix

9. Pour into a well-greased baking tray, baking tin etc.

10. Place in a preheated over for approx 1 hour, until firm

11. Allow to cool slightly before removing from tin

12. Cut into bite-sized pieces (It is easier to cut while it’s still slightly warm)

13. Allow for a taste test!!!

14. Divide the pieces into bags (each bag should have enough for 2 days worth of treats max) and freeze

By Admin, Jun 17 2013 07:00AM

We have now added a selection of doggy-based items for sale such as harnesses and grooming equipment.

All of these are brand new and unused, unless stated differently.

Some of the items may have packaging that has been damaged, but this just means that we can sell it even cheaper to you if you don't mind wonky packaging!!!

All of the items that we have for sale in our shop are items that we would either use ourselves or recommend for use.

We try to keep prices low so that you can make savings too!

If you have any specific items that you are looking for, just drop us a line and we will try our best to source it for you at the best price we can!

Happy shopping!

By Admin, May 5 2013 11:09PM

Never buy a dog for someone as a surprise present!

The saying "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas" wasn't invented for no reason. People buy cute puppies, dogs etc for someone as a present and many of these end up in rescues because the owner isn't prepared to commit to looking after the dog 24/7.

Dog poo!

Remember that part of responsible dog ownership is picking up after your dog. This can be highly unpleasant, especially if the dog has a dodgy tummy, but it's all part and parcel of having a dog. There will be times that your finger pokes through a hole in the bag when picking it up and there will be times when you will have to do the undignified task of wiping your dogs' bum when he leaves a trail! This can also involve having to help your dog when he's eaten too much grass and he can't quite 'evacuate' the grass himself!


The amount of grooming that needs to be done varies depending on the breed, but all dogs need regular grooming despite their breed. This not only keeps the dogs' coat in top condition, it gives you the chance to check the dog over while you are doing it. Ticks and small cuts are usually only discovered when the owner is grooming the dog as they can often be unnoticed otherwise. Some breeds such as Siberian Huskies 'blow' their coat twice a year; this involves a tornado of hair everywhere for 2-3 weeks and daily grooming during this time.


Remember that dogs cost money and it's not just the cost of food. If you're lucky, your dog will only ever need his yearly booster vaccinations, if you're unlucky, you may have to shell out thousands of Euros for operations, treatments etc. Dog insurance is a lifesaver at times like these! If, like me, your dogs are your children, be prepared to spend a fortune on toys, treats, chews etc. Even Christmas involves presents for my dogs!


Bear in mind that once you own a dog, you have to take them into consideration when you're planning holidays. Do you bring them with you and try to find pet-friendly accommodation? If not, boarding kennels can be expensive.

Dogs will embarrass you at the most embarrassing times

When the other half's family is over, when granny comes to visit, no doubt your dog will dig something embarrassing out of the bin, the laundry basket or bring in something equally as unpleasant from the garden. Say goodbye to your dignity when you have a dog!


Most dog owners will tell you that this is a small price to pay for the endless love and devotion that comes from owning a dog. Nothing beats that flush of pride you feel when your new puppy pees outside for the first time, or the first time he gives you the paw. There is no greeting in the world like the greeting of your dog when you come home after a hard day's work. No matter what mood you're in, your dogs will always be there-they don't hold grudges! They don't care how your hair looks, that you have no make up on or that you've put on weight, they'll always love you no matter what.

By Admin, May 5 2013 10:26PM

Here are a few thing that you should consider before making the life-changing decision to get a dog.


Dogs need to be walked every day, no matter what the weather. Having a big back garden does not compare to the stimulation that your dog will get from being walked every day. Dogs that are bored can quickly become destructive.


Think again if you are considering getting a dog! This varies depending on the breed, but most breeds will moult at some stage throughout the year. Can you deal with muddy floors, muddy clothes etc? If not, then you need to strongly consider the decision to get a dog. If you love your garden, chances are that you can say goodbye to that too! Plants get dug up; holes appear in the garden, making the garden resemble the surface of the moon. Are you prepared for this too?!

Consider the breed & research it!

So many people buy certain breeds because they look pretty or they met one that was really well behaved. This is why so many dogs end up in rescue each year-because their owners didn't research the breed before buying it. Realise that the dog that you've always wanted may not be the right dog for you.

Prepare for puppyhood!

If you are getting a puppy, be prepared for sleepless nights, toilet training and all the joys that come with puppies! They might look cute but, like babies, puppies take a lot of work! Some cry all night for the first few nights, some take a long time to toilet train, while some think that anything within reach is for its chewing pleasure! Are you prepared to stand out in the rain/snow/freezing cold for periods of time while you're trying to toilet train your puppy?

By guest, Jun 25 2012 07:28PM

Hello everyone & welcome to our new Pawsitive Dog Training site! On this page,we will share tips, information and articles that I think you will like. We also encourage you to share anything that you think would be interesting for anyone visiting the site.



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