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If you are buying a pedigree pup, do your homework first. Find out what health tests the breed should have done and make sure you only buy from a breeder that has done these tests and has papers to prove it!


BEWARE of any breeder selling males, females, or different colour pups for different prices.


BEWARE of any breeder adding a premium for KC registration - it costs just twenty five euro to register a pup, and is probably the cheapest element of the whole breeding process.


Ask the breeder lots of questions - a good breeder will be happy to answer any queries you have


Expect to be asked just as many questions as you have asked yourself. The breeder should be just as concerned that you are the right home for their pup as you are that they are a good breeder!

Puppy Buyer's Responsibilities

We hear a lot of talk about stopping Back Yard Breeders and Puppy Farmers - but people don't seem to understand that the only person who can do something about it is YOU: the puppy buying public -by doing your research and having the courage to say no.

A breeder that health tests doesn't make them good - if you are unhappy with ANY element of the litter or their environment - WALK AWAY.

If you are seeing ads for cheaper dogs then they are either scammers ads, or Back Yard Breeders

Responsible breeders don't breed often and in the majority of cases, will want to keep a pup or two back for themselves


People are often too keen to buy pups of a breed that they 'like the look of' without doing their research first and finding out whether or not that breed is suitable for their lifestyle. PLEASE RESEARCH THE BREED BEFORE YOU BUY IT!!


What are you paying for? You are paying for a responsibly bred, KC registered pup whose parents have undergone at least the essential, and hopefully the recommended health tests for the parents


You are paying for a well raised, well socialised puppy that has been weaned properly, wormed regularly and socialised - and also maybe vet checked, microchipped and in some instances received their first jabs.


You may also get free insurance, free food, a puppy pack with a whole range of advice on diet, exercise and various other things - plus a lifetime of support from the breeder.