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Fear of dogs?

Do you have a child who is scared of dogs?


Perhaps you are an adult who has a fear of dogs, but would like to conquer that fear once and for all.


The fear of dogs is also known as Cynophobia. Big dogs, little dogs-they're all the same to someone who has Cynophobia.


For anyone with Cynophobia, life can be extremely difficult due to the constant fear that they may be faced with a dog. It can often involve shutting themselves off from family and friends who may have dogs.


We offer the opportunity for anyone (adults or children, people with disabilities, people in wheelchairs, etc) to gain a positive association with dogs by working with one of our calm, relaxed, specifically trained dogs.


The sessions will allow you to become desensitised to dogs by taking very gradual, positive steps toward conquering the fear until you have become more relaxed around dogs.


We will never force you to interact with the dog if you do not wish to do so; each decision will be made by you about how you wish to continue.


The dogs here at Pawsitive Dog Training are trained to ignore the person with cynophobia until the person is ready (If ever) to interact with them.


Some people have reached a stage where they become so relaxed around dogs that they even get one themselves, while others simply reach a level where they can relax around a dog and do not have to cross the street to avoid one.


We will discuss canine body language with you and show you the signs to look out for.


We will show you how to approach a dog in a way that is non-threatening to the dog.


If you have any questions, would like more information or would like to arrange a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us