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Training In Your Home


Your dog spends most of his time at home and the surrounding areas, so we feel that it makes sense for us to visit you and your dog at your home.


This is where your dog will feel most comfortable and will be most likely to show his behaviour problems here.


As we offer a home consultation service, it also means that we can come to you at a time and a day that suits you.




Behaviour Problems

Our behaviour consultations focus on looking at your dog's behaviour problems, helping you to find the cause of the problems and tailoring a solution to correct the problem.


The initial consultation takes approximately 1.5 hours, and we advise that all family members involved in the care of the dog should attend.


We will sit down with you and discuss your dog's problems and we will draw up a behaviour modification plan that is personalised to suit you and your dog.


Puppy Training

Getting a puppy can be a very exciting time, but many people are not aware that training should begin almost as soon as your puppy comes home.


Don't wait until he starts to exhibit problem behaviours, remember, the sooner you start training, the quicker your puppy will learn & the less likely it will be that he will pick up undesirable behaviours.


Young puppies are like sponges-they absorb everything.


Some of the thing we cover include:

~ Nipping

~ Toilet training

~ Diet & nutrition

~ Lead training

~ Sit

~ Down

~ Recall

~ Stay

~ Leave it

and much more....


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