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Yellow Dog Ireland

Yellow dog - Some dogs need space 


If you see a dog with a YELLOW ribbon on the leash or on the dog, this is a dog which needs some space. Please, DO NOT approach this dog or its people with your dog. They are indicating that their dog cannot be close to other dogs. How close is too close? Only the dog or his people know, so maintain distance and give them time to move out of your way.



There are many reasons why a dog may need space:


• Maybe it has health issues or is in training.

• It may be a rescue dog being rehabilitated. The world can be a very scary place for these dogs.

• It may have had a bad experience with another dog or is just not one of those friendly dogs who always want to say “Hi!”


In short, a yellow marker on a dog means it needs some space.












Thank you! Those of us who own these dogs appreciate your help and respect.



Now you can signal to others from a DISTANCE that your dog

needs some space,  giving other owners and the public time to maintain some space.


The yellow sign is to give dog owners the ability to signal when their dog needs space, allowing them to give their dogs a better chance of overcoming problems, and therefore a better standard of life.



The purpose of the program is to:


1. Give dog owners the possibility to take extra care of their dogs who may be sensitive in any way.

2. Prevent unnecessary misunderstandings.

3. Give both dogs and their owners more space or time to move away from people and animals.

4. Make it possibe to slowly train a dog, therefore speeding up the training progress.

5. Make life easier for dogs that, for a shorter or a longer period in their lives, need more space from people and animals. Some dogs may need that space for the rest of their lives, depending on the issue.

6. There are LOTS of reasons why some dogs need some more space! They may be ill, hurt or may be just old. They may have a new family or bad life experiences and need a greater distance to slowly train to cope with their new surroundings. A bitch may be in season. Another dog may be having “everyday training”.



Visible, easy and affordable to use!


1. It’s visible from a distance.

2. It’s easy to use for everyone!

3. It’s cheap to use for everyone. You can buy ribbons or fabrics to make your own ribbons and bandanas, or you may have some yellow fabrics at home to use.

4. It works internationally

5. It can be used long-term or short-term.

6. A ribbon or bandana is easy to put on and off.

7. Even small children will easily learn the meaning of the yellow ribbon or bandana – ‘keep away from the dog, please!’

8. It can’t be misunderstood in those countries that are using yellow vests on working dogs, for example assistance dogs etc.

9. Common dog products are already found in different colours and are to be used for other reasons.


Why not writing on a collar etc?

For a sensitive dog you are already too close if you can read the writing. Therefore it’s important to get the information out about the meaning of the ribbon and bandanas as signs.




The yellow sign is an accessory. Not a piece of a dog equipment, such as reflective harness, collars, etc. If using these, we recommend that you use the yellow sign on the leash too.


You have the responsibility to train your dog. The yellow sign is an aid to make your dog succeed and help your training progress. Some dogs may have a sign for those training sessions. A few may have traumas that makes it hard for them to cope with things for the rest of their lives.


If a dog has problems we recommend that you contact a qualified and ethical Dog trainer or Behaviourist.


(IT'S NOT ABOUT: Aggressive dogs. Dogs who really bite have to wear a muzzle!!!)


► The original site is here: is a Swedish campaign that started on June 27, 2012.

• The REKO group, runs the campaign world wide.


• Read the story behind


• It has been translated in 17 languages so far.

• 9 countries have their own Facebook Pages or groups, with Yellowdog banners etc. More are coming.




For Yellow Dog Ireland, visit the Facebook page here: 




Pawsitive Dog Training are proud to support Yellow Dog Ireland!!!




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